Summer language camp in Vienna
Mix studies with pleasure!
  • Balanced programme of study, leisure and entertainment

  • Powerful motivation to learn a foreign language

  • Immerse yourself in a different world and culture

  • New acquaintances and foreign friends
Give your child an unforgettable experience
Unforgettable holiday
Holiday adventure and a fascinating foreign language
Do you want your child to have an unforgettable summer full of adventures and new acquaintances?

We are offering a language camp in Vienna, where your child will not only learn English or German in a language school but will also have an unforgettable adventure, make new friends and visit many interesting places.

Your child will be staying at The Social Hub Vienna, which is centrally located and equipped with everything they need for a comfortable stay. There will be daily guided tours of Vienna, where kids can immerse themselves in Austrian culture and history.

Sign your child up for a language camp in Vienna and give them an experience of their lifetime!
It's all in the Edustream holiday programme
The main points of our holiday
Language learning
3 hours of interactive lessons per day
Classes take place in our modern, technically equipped language school in the diplomatic centre of Vienna.
In our school your child can learn English or German languages!
Participants will be assigned to groups after a placement test.

The language courses include basic training in all language skills as well as exciting Speaking clubs, group games and creative tasks.
+ Language practice throughout the day to help your child speak the language without fear of making mistakes.
The Social Hub Vienna is a 4-star hotel located
close to Augarten Park and the famous Prater Park, in the heart of Vienna.
Clean, quiet, comfortable rooms allow your child to rest properly after classes.
A delicious breakfast buffet with a wide variety of dishes and drinks in the morning is served to boost your child's energy.
There is a children's playground on site, and table tennis is available for guests to enjoy.
The hotel's helpful staff are ready to help assist in all situations!

Children will visit the famous Prater amusement park and enjoy the rides, Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere, where they can relish the beautiful gardens and learn about the history of the Austrian emperors.
Walking around the city and on the bank if Danube river is an amazing way to get to know the city and enjoy its splendid views. Your children can visit a variety of museums, including the Museum of Music, the Oceanarium, the Technical Museum, and Vienna's Natural History Museum. They will also visit the National University of Vienna and learn more about higher education in Austria.
Safety and care for every child
Activities that every child will remember
We will help you gather all the necessary documents
Daily photo and video reports for parents
Children are supervised by teachers with decades of experience.
Every excursion and trip will be memorable for your child, moreover the programme is designed so that at least one of the days will be remembered forever!
For more than 8 years we have been helping you to enter foreign universities and obtain a residence permit, there are no problems with documents.
A telegram channel will be set up for each troop and their parents, where we will post how your child's day went.
Check-in dates
and programme fees*

€ 3 400 (three weeks)
€ 2 500 (two weeks)
16 July
Second arrival
€ 3 400 (three weeks)
€ 2 500 (two weeks)
5 July
First arrival
€ 3 400 (three weeks)
€ 2 500 (two weeks)
6 August
Third arrival
*Only for children above 12 years

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Language courses
+43 1 890 89 48

Montag – Donnerstag: 09:00–17:30
Freitag : 09:00-15:30
Rennweg 9/6, 1030 Wien
For reasons of convenient readability, the language forms male, female and diverse (m/f/d) are not used simultaneously. All personal terms apply equally to all genders.
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